Sabina van Gils-Tischler (b. 1978) is an autonomous photographer. In her photographs, she searches for a world you would not see without the images. She places objects, people, animals and landscapes in a new light, creating space between what we know and what we see. The images suggest another world and make the viewer think about what kind of world that might be.

Sometimes she intervenes with filters, pen scratches, paint and other techniques: anything to get even closer to the subject. Sometimes she lets the photo say it all by leaving it unedited.

Sabina’s photos tell stories. Sometimes she draws from her own experiences, other times they form new fairy tales and then they are accompanied by texts. But whether real or made-up, anything can happen in her photos. Like a dream with its own logic.

Sabina van Gils-Tischler graduated with honors from the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam in December 2022. She is represented by Galerie Année – Get in touch.

Publications | Nominations | Exhibitions

2024 Jan. Publication of a selection of colour photographs (eight spreads), Sintel Magazine for Art, Literature and Music

2024 Jan.  Duo exhibition with visual artist Marleen Dalhuijsen, Jansstraat 33

2024 Jan. Publication in De Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender 2024

2023 Nov. Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, represented by Galerie Année

2023 Nov. Group exhibition, Kunstcentrum, Gedempte Oude Gracht Haarlem

2023 Nov.  Group exhibition, Kunstlijn Haarlem (Art Festival Haarlem), Groot Heiligland 47

2023 Oct.-Nov. Group exhibition, The Blue Longing, De Vishal Haarlem

2023 Oct.-Nov. Group exhibition, 7 camera’s, Galerie Année, Gedempte Oude Gracht Haarlem

2023 Apr.   Photofair and exhibition, Buy my Darlings, NDSM Fuse Amsterdam

2023 Mar.  Group exhibition, De Mens (The Man), Vissershallen IJmuiden

2022 Dec.  Publication in PF Photo magazine for professional photography

2022 Dec.  Publication in Kiekiekrant, Art edition

2022 Dec.  Group exhibition Blik, Loods 6, Amsterdam

2022 Nov.  Group exhibiton, Kunstlijn Haarlem (Art Festival Haarlem), Kunst Centrum Haarlem

2022 Nov.  Group exhibition Stilte en Duisternis (Silence and Darkness), Sociëteit Vereeniging, Haarlem

2022 Nov.  Group exhibition, Kunstlijn Haarlem (Art Festival Haarlem), Photostudio Burgwal, Haarlem

2022 Nov.  Performance Bloedbaard, Koning Kat en andere sprookjes (Bloodbeard, King Cat and other fairy tales) with poet Bas Belleman, Sociëteit Vereeniging, Haarlem

2022 Nov.  Exhibition Het gebroken bord (The broken plate), Anno Bezoekerscentrum, Haarlem

2022 Oct.  Interview Dreaming is an enrichment of life, HRLM Magazine

2022 Jun.  Solo exhibition Koning Kat en andere sprookjes (King Cat and other fairy tales), Badhuis Leidsebuurt, Haarlem

2022 Jun.  Publication fairy tale Bloedbaard (Bloodbeard) with poet Bas Belleman, Sintel Magazine for Art, Literature and Music

2022 Apr.  Group exhibition, The Work Art, Photostudio Burgwal, Haarlem

2022 Feb.  Group exhibition, Burgwal Photographers, Anne & Max, Haarlem

2021 Dec.  Screening of fairy tale Lichtmeisje en het paard (Light girl and the horse) with poet Bas Belleman, Yalda, Amsterdam

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